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St. Petersburg

St Petersburg is the 5th largest city in Florida, with over 250,000 residents. The city was established in 1892 and still carries a lot of that old charm. The town is named after the city in Russia with the same name. There is an old story about the two town founders flipping a coin to decide who would name the town, I wonder how true the story actually is. St Petersburg is situated along with the Tampa Bay, primarily on the South East side of Pinellas County.

There are a few other towns that make up the southern third of Pinellas County and there are various beach towns along the Gulf Coast. Each of these towns has its own unique character. Views of the water are available throughout the area.

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Downtown Tampa

More About St. Petersburg

St Petersburg has a very unique and charming culture. It is not easily stereotyped because you will find people in all stages and walks of life. The locals love the beach, farmers markets, museums, good local food, etc. This is the kind of city that people really love and one that many visitors wish they called home.

Pinellas County is the most densely populated county in the state of Florida in St Petersburg is the largest town in that county. So, it feels pretty densely populated. I’m not talking about the kind of density that goes straight up, although there are plenty of high-rise condos in downtown. This kind of density is not overwhelming to many, but it is dense nonetheless.

Because there are so many older homes in the St Petersburg area, an affordable small house is not impossible to find. But just like any city that many people love, demand can often drive prices higher than expected. St Petersburg rents have also climbed consistently over the past ten years. It is one of the more expensive places to rent on the Gulf Coast.


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