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East Suburbs

The east suburbs of the Tampa area are asked about very frequently. The areas in the east suburbs that are loves requested our Brandon, Riverview, and Fish Hawk. The east side of Tampa is one of the directions that the city can still grow. Obviously, water is surrounding the South and the West sides so the city can only go north or east. The east suburbs have easy access to downtown Tampa, but the access will be filled with commuters during typical commute times. This area is close to some water but has a longer drive to gulf beaches.

The east suburbs also can boast about being closer to Disney compared to some of the other areas. These towns have easy access to all the typical amenities like shopping and dining, and even pretty easy access two dining in downtown Tampa.

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Clearwater Beach

More About East Suburbs

This area grew very rapidly from 1990 to 2010. Some of this resulted in crowded areas and neighborhoods. There are some areas that may not feel very intentional to you. Along the main roads throughout these areas everything seems very suburban but as you go further east it starts to feel more and more rural.

People are often surprised by how many residents call this area home. Brandon and Riverview are both one the list for large towns in Florida, both boasting over 100,000 residents. Most of this population is clustered in neighborhoods alone I-75 end state highways 41 and 301. There are also new developments as you go further South into towns like Wimauma, Apollo Beach, and Sun City Center.

This area is often chosen for its affordability. There are many factors that make this area more affordable. Whether you believe it is the towns themselves or it’s simply the distance from the beaches is up to you. There are some aspects to this area that I really love. You can definitely get more home and property for your money compared to the rest of Tampa.


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