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North Suburbs

The north suburbs of the Tampa area have been some of the fastest growing areas in Florida for the past decade. Wesley Chapel has led that list a few times. Many of you know of Wesley Chapel because of the crystal lagoon development. The original crystal lagoon development is called Epperson but there are many others now.

Many people that live in the north suburbs of Wesley Chapel, Lutz, Land O Lakes, and Odessa, commute into Tampa for work. There are multiple ways from these towns to get into Tampa. People often choose these areas because of the feel of new development that feels a little bit outside of a bustling city.

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More About North Suburbs

These areas are very suburban feeling for the most part. There are more rural areas on the north side of these areas but those parts feel connected to different towns. These towns are very resident-focused. There are neighborhoods with many houses and then outside of those neighborhoods there are supermarkets shopping strips and other things that locals need. There is not much more to these areas in my opinion.

Although this area has been growing fast, it is not as big as you would imagine. The primary town in this area is Wesley Chapel and it only has 60,000 residents. Even though there are not many residents in this area there is a lot of space. Neighborhoods are developed with a lot of green space in mind. Some of this is required by the state of Florida but these developers in the north suburbs have been very intentional in the way they develop.

Because this area is so desirable prices have climbed and climbed. If someone is looking to move to the Tampa area and they are looking for a typical four-bedroom home with a swimming pool and good schools, this is one of the areas they’re always considering. New developers sell homes quite quickly to families and retirees alike!


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