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South Tampa

South Tampa is where everyone in Tampa wishes they could live. But it only works for a certain situation.

South Tampa is very close to a lot of things in the city. Including the airport, downtown, and Hyde Park, and is surrounded by water. You don’t have to go far in South Tampa to have really good food. The area known as Soho or South Howard Ave. Is filled with some of the city’s best restaurants and nightlife. South Tampa is also home to Hyde Park Village, a boutique style outdoor shopping mall with some of the highest end stores in the whole Tampa area.

This area is old. As old as Tampa itself, some of the roads are wide enough for horse drawn carriages to turn around. Because of this, there are a lot of old houses in South Tampa. Some of these have been beautifully restored and others are reaching a point of needing restoration. Just like the rest of the Tampa area, South Tampa saw a boom in the 60s and 70s. Because of that, there are a lot of houses from that era as well. A lot of properties, especially condos, have great views of the water from South Tampa. South Tampa is on a peninsula surrounded by the Tampa Bay.

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Although this area is constrained by the water surrounding it, it is a pretty large area. There is a lot of residential and commercial buildings that fill this area, and this area is quite filled. There is not much space to do anything else. If you are looking for a community feel, that you may find in a new development, South Tampa is not the place to find that. The homes here have small yards and are often pretty close to very busy streets. If you are looking for a fun city area to live in where you can go run along the water each morning and eat at really fun restaurants, South Tampa may be just perfect for you.

The effects of supply and demand in South Tampa are very obvious. Supply is quite limited because the area is surrounded by water. Demand seems to be unlimited as newcomers are often drawn to this area. The costs to live in South Tampa is often double the median price for the Tampa area. Because there are many condos and apartments, there are some more affordable options. But no one would call this area of South Tampa affordable.


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