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Tampa Explained- Living and Working in Tampa Florida


In this article, we will be breaking down Tampa Florida in order to help you understand what it is like to live and work in Tampa, as well as whether moving to the area is best for you!

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With the recent events of COVID and the changing times, moving and or re-locating has been a topic on the minds of many.

One such desirable state that people are moving to is Florida. Specifically Tampa.

Whether you are thinking about moving to Florida for an opportunity, job, or desire to permanently stop shoveling snow each winter, you are not alone.

A lot of people are choosing the Tampa area in particular.

A recent study published found that 20% of Tampa’s population has moved here since 2017.

Not to say that it’s grown 20%, but more to say, you are 100% not alone in wanting to move to the Tampa area.

One of the most common issues when thinking about moving to an area is trying to figure out which area will be best for you and your family just based on online information.

Let’s take a take a look at the southern region of Pinellas county that includes St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas.

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Common Confusions

Cost Of Living

Cost Of Living : When you look at a certain area and determine that houses are in your price range but because markets are trending upward in that area, you may be confused whether it will remain in your price range.Does the property require flood insurance? What are the property tax and home insurance costs? All of these questions, when looking online, can make the decision quite difficult.Contrary to popular belief, only certain spots require flood insurance.That being said, just because a property requires flood insurance does not mean that that house will be a bad choice for you. A property’s unique circumstance plays a huge role in determining how to answer this question.

Feel of the City

tampa image.jpeg 
Feel of City : It may be hard to get an accurate idea of how a certain area will truly feel when living there. Will it have a large or small city feel?Will the vibe of the neighborhood be more up and coming, quiet, beachy, or will it have a suburban feel? Because areas are so interconnected and the boundaries between areas can be grey, this can be quite hard to determine.

Confusing Articles

Confusing Articles : Maybe you’ve told a friend or family member you were thinking about moving to Florida and they responded with, “oh man, be ready to deal with all the crazy with the Crazy Florida men and alligators running after old ladies”.Seemingly bizarre stories such as these seem to be many people’s first thoughts of Florida, but the explanation is quite simple.Florida has some of the most open free press laws, making it easier for news stations to report on pretty much any bizarre story. Every state has its fair share of crazy, Florida’s stories just get published more often.

Understanding the Area

Breaking Down The Tampa Bay Area Geography

To help you and your family understand where is best for you, this series will attempt to help you understand the Greater Tampa Bay Area by looking at many areas and analyzing them using four main criteria.

When you look up articles about particular areas within Tampa, many readers are left with black and white conclusions that certain areas are good or bad.

It’s not that simple. Everyone has different wants and needs that make certain areas great for some people and terrible for others.

The Four Criteria

1. Proximity – is it close to the airport, the right school district, and personal necessities?

2. Style (homes and areas) – stucco, craftsmen, beachy, city, suburban, beachy, rural

3. Size (homes and areas) – 3+ million people live in the greater Tampa area, but each town has a feel in terms of population grouping.

4. Cost – purchase price, rent, HOA, property tax, home insurance, flood insurance.

By using these criteria it helps you get a sense of whether certain areas will be fitting for you and your family.

Let’s first start on a large scale, and slowly narrow in on smaller and more particular areas.

The Four Counties 

Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 12.35.50 PM.png 
Hillsborough County With a population of 1.5 million, Hillsborough county is comprised: Tampa Proper, Brandon, Riverview, Greater Carrollwood area, Temple Terrace, and many other smaller areas.Pinellas County:With a population of just under 1 million Pinellas county is comprised of cities such as Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Largo, Dunedin, and many other smaller areas.Pasco County:

with a population of 550,000 Pasco county comprises areas such as New Port Richey, Port Richey, Wesley Chapel, Land O Lakes, Hudson, Holiday, Odessa, and other smaller areas.

Hernando County:

With a population of just over 200,000 Hernando is still considered part of the greater Tampa area and has cities such as Spring Hill, Hernando Beach, Bayport, and other smaller towns.

Just breaking each area up into these counties is not enough to understand if living and working in Tampa Florida will be right for you. Let’s look at different areas within each county. In other articles we will do a deep dive into the following areas:

Within Hillsborough:


South Tampa

West Suburbs

East Suburbs

Within Pinellas:



Within Pasco:

North suburbs of metro area

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