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Hot New Tampa Development – Angeline

Master plan communities are large-scale residential developments that offer residents a self-contained town-like experience with curated amenities. One of the newest and hottest master plan communities in the Tampa Bay area is Angeline, located in Land O’Lakes.
Metro, the developer, has a unique approach to development that sets them apart from others. Angeline has a different vibe and location that makes it stand out from other master-plan communities in the area. The first phase of Angeline is a 55-plus community developed by Lenar, which includes a collection of active adult homes.


Angeline is located on the north side of Tampa, with access to Toll Road 589 and Highway 52. It is also close to Highway 41. The Toll Road is not very expensive and is never crowded, making it easy to get to the airport in about 22 minutes. Additionally, most master plan communities in the area have a grocery store, often a Publix or a GreenWise, within easy reach.

Proximity to Special Necessities

The developer often considers the proximity of special necessities, such as grocery stores and other essential amenities, when planning the development. Angeline has a Costco nearby, located in Lutz, right next to the Outlet Mall on the corner of I-75 and Highway 54. However, for Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, they are quite a bit further away, with the closest Whole Foods being in Northdale, and the closest Trader Joe’s being in South Tampa.

Proximity to Downtown Areas and Beaches

Many suburban areas, especially master planned communities, lack the downtown vibe that people crave. In this development, downtown Tampa is about 30 minutes away by car, and the closest beach is Fred Howard Park in Tarpon Springs, which takes about 35-40 minutes to get to. If you want to go to Clearwater Beach, Honeymoon Island, or St. Pete Beach, it will take you 45 minutes up to an hour and 15 minutes.

Style and Consistency

The style of the houses in the development is defined by the developer, and the builders have to match it in some way. The overall style of the development is described as modern Tuscan, which means that the houses have a stucco and clayish roof style with a more modern design. However, not all houses will necessarily follow this style. It’s important to note that one thing about these master plan communities is they have pretty consistent style throughout. Whether it’s single-family homes or townhomes, entry-level or luxury, they’re all usually pretty consistent in style. Even the commercial developments in and around the development will match that style quite a bit as well.
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In conclusion, Angeline is a new master plan community with a unique location and vibe that sets it apart from other developments in the Tampa Bay area. With its close proximity to major highways and essential amenities, this development is sure to attract those looking for a self-contained community experience.

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