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10 Things You Need To Know Before Moving To Tampa Florida

If you are thinking about moving to Tampa Florida, then you need to know these 10 things!

10) No State Income Tax

You heard right. There is no state income tax. Really none at all. We have higher sales taxes than a few places, and our property taxes are right around the US average. So that just means that your money goes further here.

9) Sports

Tampa residents love their teams. The Lightning (NHL) won the Stanley Cup in 2020. The Rays (MLB) lost in the World Series in 2020. With Tom Brady joining the Buccaneers and drawing other amazing players here, their future looks bright. They are playing in the NFC Championship this weekend.

8) Traffic

Traffic here sucks. It is slow and the roads are very inefficient. Some of this is because of the way that the bay pretty much divides the metro area. But also the infrastructure has not grown at the same pace that the area has.

7) Seafood

The Gulf of Mexico is home to amazing sea life and a lot of it can be eaten. If you love seafood then this is a great place to live. Of course, there is the potential for all kinds of seafood along coastlines all over the world. But Tampa has a unique place in the life of the sea. A lot of sealife originates in estuaries where the water is calm, food is plentiful, and there are fewer predators. The Tampa Bay area is home to some of these estuaries.

6) Counties

The 3 counties that make up the Tampa Bay area are Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco. This really is a thing that people talk about here. Not only for taxes and school districts but also for the people. Maybe it is just a competitive spirit or hometown pride, but people here tend to be very loyal to their county.

5) Waterfront

When you look at the shape of Florida, it is clear that there must be a lot of coastline. But there is so much water in the state that it is not difficult to find a waterfront home. There are so many lakes, rivers, ponds, and bayous that you have a lot of options. Of course, some are prettier and more desirable than others, but you will be surprised how nice some of the neighborhood lakes are. We live close to a bayou (mixed salt and fresh water) and I look forward to my morning walk along the water every day.

4) Sub-cities

Tampa “proper” is actually not a huge city. Those 3 counties are filled with a bunch of smaller towns. Each of those towns has its own look and feel. And they are often all trying to do things to make their area stand out. Each of those towns also has the ability to feel like a small town while still having access to the big city. A few of my favorite towns are Dunedin, Safety Harbor, and Tarpon Springs.

3) Beaches

The Tampa area has beautiful beaches, but none of the good beaches are actually in “Tampa”. You really need to head over to Pinellas county to enjoy the best beaches in the country. There are a lot of different beaches so be sure to try them out and find the one that fits your vibe the best. Most people really love that fine, white sand at Clearwater Beach, but my brother-in-law always complains that the sand squeaks under his feet and that ruins the experience for him. I agree with you that is a silly thing to affect your time at the beach, but here we are.

To me, the best beach is usually the one that I am closest to. Or the one with tacos and margaritas.

2) Sunsets

Since the Tampa area is on the Gulf coast of the state, we enjoy the most beautiful sunsets. Every single night people are out at the beach watching the sun slowly (and then quickly) sink away into the Gulf. They are different every night and I love it.

1) We are here for you

We really are here to be your boots on the ground. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and tell us if you are thinking of moving!

See ya soon!

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