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Downtown Tampa

Tampa was originally founded as a port city. Easy access through the Tampa Bay out into the Gulf of Mexico made Tampa and a great import and export location for the railroads of the late 1800s. For many generations downtown Tampa was the hub of those ports. It is not until recently that Downtown Tampa has become a more recognizable skyline, and now it’s like I hear about a new condo development for downtown Tampa every single week.

The downtown area of Tampa is divided into four different districts, make sure to watch our video about the area. Although there are four distinct districts, the area is still quite small. This downtown area is right in the middle of the city. It is home to great dining and entertainment along with the stadium that hosts the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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Downtown Tampa

More About Downtown Tampa

If you want to live in downtown Tampa you will be living in a condo. There are a couple older townhouses throughout the area but they are few and far between. This is one of the few areas in Tampa that feels like a larger city. One of my favorite areas in downtown is the arts district. This area is home to many museums and entertainment venues.

If you are interested in living in downtown Tampa you are right in assuming that it is not cheap. Tampa is often talked about as a very affordable city but condos in downtown do not fit that bill. Part of this is because many of these properties have views of the water. Downtown is surrounded by channels for large boats, including cruise ships, and can easily see out into the Tampa Bay.


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