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Central Suburbs

The central suburbs of the Tampa area are the suburban areas on the West side of Hillsborough County. Many of these areas still have Tampa addresses even though they are not part of Tampa proper. These areas are Westchase, Citrus Park, Greater Carrollwood, Odessa/Keystone, Town ‘N’ Country, and a few others.

In my opinion, this is the most ideal area of the entire Tampa area. It is close to the city without feeling urban, and it is close enough to the beach where you could run over there some of the evening very easily. The airport is also right in the middle of this area.

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Clearwater Beach

More About Central Suburbs

Some of this area was developed in the 60s and 70s but much of it is newer than that. For example, Westchase is a master planned community that was built in the late 90s and early 2000s. Some of these areas are extremely residential while others like Citrus Park have a mix of residential and commercial.

This central suburb area is home to nearly 300,000 residents. Because there are so many residents in this area there are many amenities and there are good schools throughout the area. Not the absolute best schools in the area, but they are still chosen by many.

Because this area strike such a balance between residential and commercial, and the distance from the city and the beaches, prices are often climbing faster than the rest of the areas. Westchase and Odessa are often in more expensive areas among the central suburbs. The other areas have a larger range of houses from small to large from old to new so there are more affordable options available.


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